Tips On Relining Your Tennis Court With An Aerosol Line Marker

30 December 2016
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If you own your own tennis court, you'll need to have it resurfaced completely from time to time, especially if it is heavily used. Between resurfacing it's important to touch up the court lines to keep them sharp and clearly defined. Here are some tips on relining a hard court surface using an aerosol line marker: Preparation Before you can start relining the court, you'll need to make sure it's clean. Read More 

Tips on Re-proofing An Acrylic Caravan Awning

7 November 2016
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Even if it's used regularly throughout the holiday season, an acrylic caravan awning should retain its waterproof quality for years.  However, even the best quality acrylic awning will eventually show signs of water penetration.  You can easily re-proof your awning, using a re-proofing product obtainable from your local caravan awning spares supplier.  Here's how to do it. Acrylic awnings Acrylic fabric is waterproof because it is treated with chemicals to make it so. Read More 

What to Do If Your Dog Has Scratched or Torn Your Car’s Leather Upholstery

12 May 2016
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Unfortunately, if you travel with your pup a lot, your car's leather upholstery may get scratched. If your upholstery is riddled with scratches, scuffs, holes or serious damage, it is possible to remedy the situation. Here is what you need to do: 1. Smooth out scratches with oil. If your dog's claws have only made superficial scratches in the leather, you can smooth them out with oil. Gently rub orange tree oil on the scratch until it blends with the surrounding leather. Read More 

Reasons to Opt For Fishing Boat Hire For Your Family Vacation

29 January 2016
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With the hectic schedules most people have juggling career and family, taking a vacation is a welcome relief for all members of the family. However, increasing living costs also means that regular holidays are not something that is within reach for the average Australian. Not only do you have to consider accommodation, but you also have to factor in other costs such as transportation, food and more. As such, family vacations are not as commonplace as they used to be. Read More