3 Important Reasons to Use a Tow Hitch Cover for Your Caravan

22 March 2017
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Most sensible caravan owners will make sure the body of their home away from home is properly protected by putting a cover over it when it is not in use. If you're one of those owners, go ahead and give yourself a pat on the back.

Of course, there are other areas that should be covered, and, unfortunately, people often forget to take care of them. Possibly the most important cover to buy is a tow hitch cover, which goes over the connection point between your vehicle and your caravan.

Here are just three important reasons why you need to pick one up.

1. Keeps the Hitch Clean and Dry

By far the most important reason to use a tow hitch cover is that you'll prevent the hitch from meeting any excess moisture or debris. Remember, any moisture that is allowed to meet the hitch will increase the chances of rust developing, which will seriously inhibit its performance. This is particularly problematic if you're near the ocean since the air will carry a lot of moisture and a lot of salt.

If you're thinking that a tow hitch cover won't be necessary if you're travelling somewhere that isn't likely to experience high levels of moisture, think again. Anything from dead leaves to sand can blow into the mechanism and cause a clog. Any build-up will have to be cleaned out when you need to reattach vehicle to caravan. That's not a pleasant job.  

2. Protects Against Cuts and Scrapes

The most compelling reason to buy a hitch cover is to protect your tow hitch, but slipping one on will also help protect yourself. Many caravan owners will be able to attest to just how painful it can be to knock your leg against an exposed tow hitch. Remember, the tow hitch will be quite exposed when your caravan is uncoupled from your car, so it's relatively easy to knock against that protruding piece of metal when you don't look where you're going. Not only will you get a nasty bump, but you might look down to see your trousers covered in dirt and oil.

3. Keeps Oil Where It Belongs

That oil that just got all over your trousers? That really belongs along the tow hitch itself. Proper lubrication is necessary to ensure that the tow hitch works well and doesn't wear down easily. Unfortunately, it can be dried out by direct exposure to the sun or washed away by rain. To keep that vital oil exactly where it needs to be, make sure you use a tow hitch cover.