Everything You Need for Beach Volleyball

17 March 2017
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Over the years, sporting activities have evolved to provide recreation for all categories of people. This has been necessitated by many factors like the physical abilities of the participants and the places where they spend most of their recreational time. When you think of spending time at the beach, the first thing that probably comes to mind is swimming, fishing or sun bathing. But beach volleyball is among the many activities you can engage in when spending time at the coast with your loved ones. Here is a look at all the equipment you need for beach volleyball.

Player Accessories

Other than the ordinary garments that you will be wearing, you need a few more accessories for beach volleyball. The game is played in deep layers of coastal sand, which often has coarse particles and tiny pebbles. You need a pair of kneecaps to protect you against bruises and cuts whenever you take a high-impact fall in the sand. To add on that, you should also have a hat to protect you from the effect of the sun, as the rays can impair visibility and make you uncomfortable. If you do not prefer a hat, then a pair of sunglasses should be enough to help you maintain good visibility through the session.


Balls used for beach volleyball are similar to those used in regular volleyball activities. They are made using flexible synthetic material or leather for ease and comfort when handling. Ordinarily, most of them contain a rubber basket in them, which helps to contain the pressure inside the ball. When buying, make sure that the inflated ball weighs between 260 and 280 grams. Additionally, the internal air pressure of the ball should fall between 0.175 and 0.225 kilogrammes per centimetres squared. These pressure measurements should be adhered to even when you re-inflate the ball after some time. It will ensure optimal handling.

Volleyball Net

You need a volleyball net measuring around eight and a half metres long. The net should be held up using padded posts with variations in height to suit particular users. For recreational purposes, setting up the net with a maximum height of two metres should be able to accommodate adult men, women and teenagers. The best nets are woven using synthetic fabrics or tough nylon. These materials last long, and you won't have to buy a new net every time you go to the beach.  

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