How to Prepare for Playing Tennis on Synthetic Grass

24 February 2017
 Categories: Recreation & Sports, Blog


Each court surface has its unique characteristic to take into account when you are preparing for a tennis game. Synthetic grass is fast to play on compared to clay or hard courts, and the bounce is low. Here are some tips that will help you bring your A game to your next match on a synthetic court. 

Have the right shoes

The surface is good for sliding, but it can get slippery on wet days. Make sure that your shoes have good grip so that you can feel stable and keep your ability to change directions fast.

Strengthen your lower body

Because it is a low game, you will use your glutes, quads and calves a lot. To prepare, follow a lower body strength routine that includes squats and low lunges. You can add an aerobic element to your strength routine by including dynamic or walking lounges.

To perform a dynamic lunge, stand straight with your arms by your side. Step forward with your right leg, then lower down while keeping your body straight. As you come up, push off your front leg and bring it back to the starting position. Do the same with the other leg.

When you are doing a walking lunge, start from the same position, step forward with your right leg and lower. Then come back up, make a big step forward with your left leg and lower down.

Work on your reaction

Playing on synthetic grass is server-friendly. To have the best chance of winning, practice getting ready for the shots by assuming a good position and returning the serves. Chipping and open face returns are a good tactic on this surface.

Because it is a fast court, the ball will be coming at you very quickly. Your reaction will get faster if you train yourself to be aware of your opponent and the ball at the same time. In practice, try to predict where the ball will go and what return you will use before the ball reaches your side of the net.

Use two- or three-ball drills to improve your reaction. Your practice partner will throw a ball at you, which you will catch and return immediately. As you are throwing the ball back, your partner will send another ball in your direction, so at any time there will be two balls in play at the same time. Aim to increase your speed and decrease the distance between the two of you.