Quads: Maintenance Tips for Your Bike

24 January 2017
 Categories: Recreation & Sports, Blog


If you love adventure and the outdoors then one way to enjoy the best of both worlds would be by investing in a quad bike. These four-wheeled vehicles look like a cross between a race car and a motorbike. They are great for outdoor recreational activities as you get to enjoy off terrain driving without worrying about causing damage to the quad. However, as with most vehicles, quad bikes do require routine care and maintenance if they are to remain in good condition. This is especially true if they are being constantly exposed to rough handling and extreme terrains. Below are some handy maintenance tips that you could use to keep your quad bike up and running for a prolonged period of time.

Tip 1: Routine changing of the oil

To enhance the performance of your quad bike, you need to ensure that you carry out routine oil changes. A mistake some newbie quad bike owners make is simply topping up old oil. What this does is mix sludge and contaminants in the new oil. Instead, you should ensure that you drain out the oil in its entirety before you can replenish the bike with new oil. To make this process easier for you, start by warming up the bike so that it can become more fluid. If the oil is not changed on a frequent basis, the dirt and debris that collects inside it will steadily corrode the internal components of your quad bike.

Tip 2: Frequent cleaning and lubricating of the air filter

Another routine maintenance measure you should engage in is cleaning and lubricating the air filter. Driving your quad bike with a filthy air filter will put excessive stress on your engine and this leads to the engine overworking. An overworked engine will have the propensity to overheat and this will affect the performance of your quad bike. If you use the quad on a regular basis, then you should change the air filter just as frequently as the bike is being exposed to all types of dirt when it is on the terrain.

Tip 3: Routine inspections of the colour of the spark plugs

A misconception some people have is that the spark plugs of their quad bike will be bright and shiny. However, over time, they will begin to turn colour. A healthy colour for your spark plugs would be brown as this is indicative of pure fuel. If the spark plugs have turned a deep brown, it shows the fuel is too concentrated and could affect the performance of the bike. You would need to ensure that the bike is getting the right fuel consistency for its performance to stay efficient.