Tips On Relining Your Tennis Court With An Aerosol Line Marker

30 December 2016
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If you own your own tennis court, you'll need to have it resurfaced completely from time to time, especially if it is heavily used. Between resurfacing it's important to touch up the court lines to keep them sharp and clearly defined. Here are some tips on relining a hard court surface using an aerosol line marker:


Before you can start relining the court, you'll need to make sure it's clean. If the court surface is dirty, the line marking paint won't adhere properly.

Brush the court thoroughly to get rid of any surface debris, and then wash it off using a power washer. Allow the court surface to dry completely, and then apply a moss and algae treatment.

Relining Using an Aerosol Marker

Although it's well worth investing in a line marking machine if you use your court regularly, you could opt to hire one from a good tool hire outlet if you prefer. Aerosol marking machines are easy to use and less messy than other options. You don't have the time-consuming hassle of pre-mixing paint for the machine; it comes ready-mixed in a convenient aerosol can.

Choose a dry, still day for relining your court. If it's windy, the paint will drift and your lines may end up blurred.

Before you begin, check the spray nozzles underneath the marking machine to make sure that they haven't become blocked. An old toothbrush dipped in white spirit works well to scrub away any accumulations of old, dried paint.

When you're ready to start the relining process, insert a new aerosol can of paint into the machine, as per the manufacturer's instructions. For wide lines, adjust the height of the can by turning the marked adjustment screw.

Wheel the machine along the first line, keeping a slow, even pace. Steady work ensures that the lines will stay straighter and also means that the machine will deliver a brighter line. Start with the inner lines and then complete the outer lines last.

Aerosol paint dries quickly so you could reline and play on the court a couple of hours later.

In Conclusion

Relining your hard tennis court surface with an aerosol line marking machine is a quick and simple process that you can tackle yourself as and when the job needs doing. If you prefer, you could ask your court resurfacing company to reline the court for you as part of their annual maintenance visit. Contact a company like Premier Sports & Leisure if you have more questions.